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Volunteer Information


Because of the great energy of our Volunteer Army, we exist

There are many different volunteer opportunities and no matter the position, we are looking for crew members who are punctual, responsible, honest, take pride in their work, realize the importance of representing Two Day Town, and help us keep the ball rolling. If you’re interested, mark your calendar for February 11 and come to the Not Valentine’s Day Volunteer Party” and get first pick at tasks and times. Party details coming soon via mail & email, or call the hot-line.

Two Day Town Volunteers can receive their Weekend Passes free and get extended camping privileges.

It’s easy and fun to participate! Two Day Town relies on a Volunteer Army for its success, and each year over two hundred community volunteers lend a hand to make this event a great experience for everyone. We have tasks suitable for volunteers as young as 13 and can often pair up people that want to work together.

Volunteers help out by working two shifts that are typically 4 hours each. There are many positions and time slots to choose from so there’s something to suit everyone’s preference, ability, and schedule. Volunteer sign-ups begin in February at our annual Not Valentine’s Day Volunteer Party, and after that you can contact us via the Volunteer Hotline up until a few days before the event. Choices are all first come – first served, so come to the party or contact us promptly afterward while the pickin’s are good.

In exchange for helping out you will be admitted free. Volunteers also have the option of entering the site as early as Thursday morning and may stay over Sunday night also! Thursday night is full of anticipation and last minute preparations, and Sunday night is like the calm after the storm. Both are always delightful, rain and shine.

Since there are no reserved camping spaces at Two Day Town, volunteers that arrive Thursday have the opportunity to claim their favorite camp site before our regular guests begin arriving Friday morning. Tents can be set up on the lawn after sunrise on Friday.

Volunteer Position Information

Shift Schedules

Most volunteer work shifts are four hours; 8-12, 12-4, 4-8, 8-12… except in the Family Activity Area where Saturday shifts are 9-1 & 12-4 and Sunday shifts are 10-2 & 1-5. Some positions such as Site Safety & Security and Front Gate offer shifts through the night.

Family Activity Area

Help our younger guests be creative with the many activities available in the Family Activities Area. In past years we have had all sorts of things for kids to do, including painting, t-shirt decorating, face painting, sing-alongs, music making, beading, and making masks, magic wands, picture buttons, crowns, and whatever else imaginations allow.

Two Day Town Information Center

The Information Center is where guests can find music and activity schedules and it serves as a coordination point for volunteers to check in. Band information and CDs for sale are kept here also.

Front Gate

Meet & greet our guests as they enter Two Day Town, collecting tickets, providing information, assisting with traffic control, and sometimes dispensing Free Rings! Crews are usually arranged so that someone with experience at the gate is always available to deal with any unusual situations that come up.

First Aid

The First Aid staff provides an essential service to guests, but typically is not very busy. We are able to care for minor injuries but are ready to call for outside services if necessary. Two Day Town has an excellent record for being a safe place to spend the weekend, but we are prepared for emergency response.

Site Safety & Security

The Safety & Security team keeps watch over the event site to assure quick response to issues that may arise and to advise any of the general public that inadvertently stray onto the site that it is a private event requiring paid admission. This is an essential operation with shifts at all hours. Late night shifts are perfect for night owls.

Stage Hand / Stage Manager Assist

The stage crew performs the microphone & sound cabling setup and assists the bands with their equipment changes. This group is essential to having smooth transitions between sets. Experience is very helpful but is not required, and it is a great place to learn the basics.

Artist Assistance

Help the artists before and after their performances by assisting them with their equipment prior to going onstage and helping clear it from the stage area afterwards. This group works with the stage crew to keep set change times to a minimum.

Soundboard (FOH/Monitor)

Experienced talent is needed to run the two 40 channel Crest soundboards. Two Day Town has a limited sound staff that needs backup to avoid long shifts. Positions are available at either the Front of House or Monitor boards.

Site Set-up & Tear Down

The Set-Up & Tear Down staff helps the Two Day Town Core Group with preparing the site on Thursday before the event, taking it all apart on Sunday evening, and making sure there is no trace when we leave. Help set up the sound system, secure the site, set up tables & chairs, etc. Note that this crew does not build the stage or erect tents.

Camp Cafe

Each year, Two Day Town has food service available for guests at the park concessions building. Volunteers are usually needed to help with food prep & cooking, order taking & assembling, cleaning & washing, etc.

Recycling & Trash Control

The Leave No Trace philosophy of Two Day Town requires that guests be fully responsible for all of their own recyclables and trash, but there are always some stray items to deal with. This crew helps out by providing recycling information to guests and managing the small waste stream. We remove most of the trash cans prior to the event, so this is not ‘garbage detail’.

Showers & Restrooms

Help keep the Two Day Town solar heated SunShower water bags ready for guests to use, check restrooms occasionally for any problems, and help the event staff with daily cleaning of shower and restroom areas. We have found that most of our guests clean up after themselves, and having clean facilities helps promote that behavior.

Parking & Traffic Control

Managing the ever increasing volume of vehicles at Two Day Town is a challenge. Help out by monitoring parking availability, controlling traffic, assisting guests with quick unloading, shuttling guests that require off-site parking, and assisting less able guests move their stuff to a camp area.