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Guidelines & Event Philosophy



The East Bay Parks District and Two Day Town have agreed to a number of guidelines pertaining to the use of this beautiful area. Everyone must abide by these, so that Two Day Town can continue to happen. Your cooperation is essential to our event being a success.
No glass containers, anywhere.
It is important to keep the lawns, beaches, and parking lots free of broken glass. Bring your beverages in cans or plastic bottles, and as much as practical bring your food in reusable or recyclable containers that go home with you.

No styrofoam containers anywhere.
Styrofoam breaks, crumbles, does not biodegrade, and is a trash & recycling problem. Cheap, disposable styrofoam coolers cost more in the long run, so please don’t buy or bring them.

Beer & wine are allowed.
You may have beer and wine in most areas, including the camping and RV parking areas, but not in other parking areas, and not in glass containers.

No drunks, no druggies, no weapons.
No further explanation necessary. Our security team would prefer not to have to escort you off site or call for outside assistance because of your actions.

No smoking or vaping
Park rules prohibit these and violators could be cited by park police.

Camp Quiet Hours
Drumming must stop at 10:00 P.M. each night so that sleepy people in nearby public campground areas outside of Two Day Town are not disturbed. Acoustic music other than drumming can go later into the night.

No generators or amplified noise or music except for Two Day Town production & facility needs.
If a generator is medically necessary please limit use to 10:30 to 11:00 A.M.

Everyone at Two Day Town will wear our wristband. No exceptions. This policy allows our security monitors to quickly identify & remove people not properly associated with the event.

Sorry, but absolutely no pets.
For a variety of environmental & management reasons pets are not allowed, with the exception of handicap and medical assistance animals.

Pack out your own trash.
Come prepared to do your own waste management. You had room to bring it in, so there’s room to take it out when you leave. Bring less, take less home.

Cooking fires are permitted in the barbeque grills located in the picnic areas, but please avoid using charcoal or charcoal lighter fluid as it is very damaging to the air quality. For much cleaner cooking use a propane or butane fueled ‘Coleman’ type stove.

Every effort is made to minimize campfire impacts. Fires are only allowed in the park’s fire pits and fire pits meeting the following conditions: TDT fire pits must be commercially manufactured, at least 6 inches deep at center and two feet across; positioned on a durable, non-flammable surface; at least 10 feet away from structures including vehicles; and, not positioned under low hanging tree branches or flammable coverings.

Only clean, non-processed wood may be burned. Park wood may not be gathered. No accelerants may be used. No bonfires are allowed. Campfires must be attended at all times until they are completely extinguished.

No attachments to the park
No items (lights, signs, hammocks, nails, clothing, decorations, etc.) may be attached to or hung from trees, vegetation, or park structures.

Vehicles and Boats
No off-road use of vehicles. Event carts must stay on roads or paved surfaces and may not leave the event site.

No boats or kayaks may be brought onto the lake from Lake Del Valle’s west shore during the event.

First Aid
Two Day Town maintains a low key First Aid station for minor scrapes & bruises. For serious injuries or illness we will call for outside services.

Evacuation plan
Instructions will be provided if an evacuation from the event is necessary.

Cell phone service is not available at the event location. A pay phone is located near the park’s visitor center.

No proselytizing, advertising, or commercializing.
Please help us preserve a weekend away from soliciting. Do not bring event fliers or cards for public distribution. We reserve the right to refuse service.


Being mindful of our proximity to the Ohlone Wilderness around us, our impact on it, and it upon us, we attempt to respect our coexistence in the following ways:
Recycling & Leave-No-Trace
If you had room to pack it in, you have room to pack it out. Don’t leave your waste behind for someone else to deal with. Start with a philosophy and aim for a practice by developing recycling and reuse habits in your lifestyle.

Weather permitting, fires are allowed only in fire pits. Starting fires elsewhere leaves unsightly marks on the landscape. Keep your fires under control & watch out for the kids! Do not put glass, metal, or plastics in the fires. They either don’t burn or they dump nasty stuff into our air. (For more information see Campfires, Guidelines)

Native animals and plants
This is 365 Day Town for them. We are invading their space and must respect it. The area around the park is home to deer, foxes, raccoons, coyotes, mountain lions, wild boar, turkeys, rattlesnakes, eagles, hawks, scrub jays, bugs, and humans, too.

The plants and trees surrounding Two Day Town are a big part of what makes it such a nice place to visit. Don’t cut branches or otherwise cause damage to trees, and avoid crushing plants if you venture into the woods. Be aware or be square. If you have questions about anything alive in the park, ask Doc Hale. He knows.

Poison Oak
There is poison oak in many areas so make sure that you can identify it. It can cause a great deal of grief. We want you to have lasting memories, but not of how bad your itch was. Click the pic for a large image.

Poison Oak leaves image

Beach & Water Safety
If no lifeguard is on duty, swim & wade at your own risk. No one should swim alone, and please help keep an eye on young children. Park rules require that all boats must be off the lake by dusk.


When we venture out, it is always nice to find a site that has seen minimal adverse impact by people. Two Day Town strives to leave Del Valle in better condition than when we arrived, and this effort is part of why East Bay Parks continues to allow us to use the area. It takes effort to keep places in good condition, and we can all help by having a Leave No Trace philosophy.
Plan on taking home every non-consumable thing that you bring to Two Day Town.
Be responsible for your own stuff! If you had room to bring something, then you have room to leave with it. There are almost no trash cans at Two Day Town, so be prepared to take your waste stream with you.

Try not to throw anything ‘away’
There is no such place as ‘away’. It all has to go somewhere, so the less you bring into your life the less you have to find a place for it to go. The financial and environmental costs of waste are large, so please do your part to reduce your impact on the planet.

Do bring reusables instead of disposables
Bring washable, reusable plates, cups, bowls, and flatware. Bring cloth napkins & towels. Bring durable storage containers for leftovers. Avoid disposable products like paper plates, cheap plastic cups, paper napkins & towels, and one-use plastic utensils.

Do recycle or reuse everything you bring that is recyclable or reusable.
Just because a utensil is plastic doesn’t mean it can’t be washed and reused. It makes no sense to use these items one time and discard them, only to grab another identical one later. Plastic water bottles can be refilled many times, at a tiny fraction of the original cost. The bottlers want you to use them only once, simply because they want to sell you more. Most bottled water is simply filtered tap water, no better or worse than what comes from your home faucet.

Be aware of overpackaging
Avoid products with excessive packaging. You are paying for all that waste and it won’t stop if you continue to support it.
Save money on food by avoiding single serving convenience packaging when you can make your own single servings in reusable containers. It is usually much less expensive to dish out your own than to have someone do it for you. Buy consumable products in bulk when possible, to save cash and reduce waste.

Are you an environmentalist?
If you like like to breath clean, fresh air, drink clean water, and eat healthy, safe food, that is free of pesticides and added hormones then you are an environmentalist.

It takes awareness from everyone to preserve our planet, and every little bit helps. Please do your part to provide our families with a sustainable environment. You will be doing yourself and your progeny a favor.

Want to learn more?
There are innumerable sources for information available on the internet, and most Bay Area communities have web sites with specific information about services in the area. Spend some time finding out more about recycling, freecycling, reuse, composting, and proper disposal of hazardous wastes such as pesticides, motor oil, batteries, paints, cleaners, and fluorescent light bulbs. A few links are listed on the Two Day Town Contact Us page, and a quick google or yahoo search will yield many more.