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The Two Day Town Site

Two Day Town is on the West shore at the Southeastern end of Lake del Valle, in Del Valle Regional Park. Normally a picnic and beach access area, Two Day Town transforms the site into a music venue and campground. Two Day Town stretches from the West shore entrance gate near the bridge over Arroyo del Valle to the Ardilla Group Camp at the North end of the developed West side parkland. By arrangement with East Bay Parks, Two Day Town has use of the area and most facilities for the duration of the event.

Camping & Picnic Areas

Tent camping and picnicing is allowed in most areas within the limits of Two Day Town. The most popular camping spots are adjacent to the many picnic tables along the the pathways, and in the grass area behind the beach. Some guests like to be close by the stage area, while others prefer more solitude away from the music. All space is first-come, first-served, but there is plenty of room for everyone.

RV Camping

The upper parking lot (farthest from the gate) is reserved for RV parking, and site selection is first-come, first-served. Two Day Town parking control will assist with RV parking and will be helping drivers park as tight as practical to allow space for everyone. When the upper lot fills up, overflow will be into the lower parking lot. Cars or other tow vehicles must be removed from the RV lot promptly to allow maximum space for camping. There are no on-site facilities for water filling or waste dumping within Two Day Town. Please assure that your batteries are at full charge before you arrive, because generator use is not allowed.

Car Parking

The available on-site parking will fill up. Overflow parking will be along Del Valle Road and possibly further out. After on-site parking reaches capacity, vehicles will be allowed in to unload camping gear, but will have to be moved out as soon as gear is unloaded at a staging area. A driver must stay with the vehicle as space will be very limited. Please plan ahead. Shuttles will be available Friday evening for transportation between parking areas and the unloading area. There is very limited availability of staff and equipment to help move guest gear to camp areas, so We suggest that you bring something with wheels to transport your camp gear to your site.

Restrooms & Showers

The park restrooms with flush toilets will be open for use by Two Day Town guests. We transform portions of the changing areas of one of the restroom buildings into shower areas. Solar-Shower bags will be available for guest use, on the condition that they are refilled afterward, and of course you can bring your own shower stuff rather than using ours. Because of the drought, the park outdoor cold water shower posts will be turned off.

Driving Directions

  • Take I-580 to Livermore, exit at North Livermore Ave. and go South.
  • Follow North Livermore Ave. through central Livermore and out the south side of town.
  • North Livermore Ave. changes to South Livermore Ave, then becomes Tesla Rd. South of town.
  • Follow Tesla Rd. for about 1/2 mile.
  • Turn right (South) on Mines Rd. and follow it for about 3-1/2 miles.
  • Veer right onto Del Valle Rd. and follow it up and over the ridge to the park entrance kiosk.
  • Turn to the left after you pass the park entrance kiosk. This is still Del Valle Rd.
  • Cross the bridge over Arroyo del Valle then turn right into the Two Day Town entry area.
  • You will be at the Two Day Town Front Gate.

Driving Notes

If the park entry kiosk is open, you must stop and pay the $6 vehicle entry fee. If the kiosk is closed, expect a next-day visit from park staff to collect the fee. The fee receipt must be placed so it is visible from outside the vehicle and is valid for one week. If we don’t support the parks they won’t be here for us.

Through traffic (you) on Livermore Ave. has to be in the left lane after the downtown rail underpass. Right (wrong!) lane traffic must turn right. That’s about a mile from I-580 as you approach downtown where the road dips under the rails.

Del Valle Road is very steep as it descends toward the park entry kiosk. It does not flatten out until you are past the kiosk. Large vehicles should be in low gear for this descent.

On-Site Facilities & Other Stuff

Your cell phone may not not have service at Two Day Town. Service has improved (from nil) in recent years but is still unreliable. To get a signal you may need to leave the site and go to the top of the ridge. If communication is essential there are pay phones located near the food service building behind the stage and in the public campground, however it is better to plan on being incommunicado for the weekend. The pay phones have a history of not always being in working condition.

Two Day Town features Lesley’s Lakeside Café, operated by Lesley Stiles; bringing us fresh, local, organic food.

The nearest grocery store is nowhere near Two Day Town. Plan ahead, bring everything you need for the weekend, and sit tight. Remember to pack for a no-impact visit, and expect to take home everything you came with that you didn’t eat or drink. The less disposable stuff you bring the less you have to take home.

Prior to Two Day Town, park trash cans are removed from the site. You are expected to be responsible for your own waste stream so leave the disposable items at home and you will have less trash to deal with. We go beyond low impact, striving for NO impact, and because of this the park is cleaner when we leave than when we arrive. Think reduce, reuse, recycle. It does a planet good, and we only get one.

Map Section

Use the controls to zoom & pan this map (just like Google Maps pages). Click “Sat” for a satellite photo view, or “Ter” for a topographic terrain view.
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The Two Day Town site is shown at the bottom of this park map. The festival entrance is at the “P” symbol at the very bottom. Park Map

This is an aerial view of the Two Day Town site, courtesy of Google Earth. North is looking from the center toward the bottom right corner, sort of. Aerial photo of Two Day Town site

If you have a plug-in for viewing pdf files, the Del Valle Park Campground map should appear here. If not, use this link to open the Campground Map pdf in a separate window. Note that the Del Valle Campground is not part of Two Day Town. Fees for this campground are not included with your Two Day Town Weekend Pass. Camping within the borders of the Two Day Town site is included in your pass.