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Things To Do at Two Day Town

Planned and unplanned activities are all around you at Two Day Town!
Besides having three days of fabulous music, you could try…


Planned Activities
Three days of scheduled music, of course, and… There is music all around, but not to be missed are the many other things to do before and after the scheduled music. The weekend will fly by, so put these few hours of freedom from your daily routine to good use. Try something new this year and be sure to make a new friend.
Take your children to the Family Activities Area and let them show their creativity. The Family Activities area is open from 10:30 to 3:00 on Saturday and from 11:00 to 3:00 on Sunday with a variety of crafts, music, painting, and free play. Children can be creative and let their imaginations run wild. Young children should have a parent with them, older kids are fine on their own. This is a great area to spend some volunteer time helping to facilitate creativity, and drop-in help is welcome.
Test your hunting skills at our Scavenger Hunt. Join in the fun of the Two Day Town scavenger hunt. Meet at the Info Booth near the main stage on Friday evening at 6:00 PM.
Learn about the local habitat from an expert by taking a Wildlife Walk with ‘Doc’ Hale. Join Doc Hale for his informative Wildlife Walks on Saturday and Sunday mornings from 10:00 to 11:30, meeting at the main stage. Listen, ask questions, and learn about the natural world around us. Doc is a wildlife biologist and has an incredible wealth of knowledge to share with you. Walks are suitable for all ages.
Enjoy morning yoga sessions with Betsy Cozart. Join Betsy Saturday morning from 9:00 to 10:00 and Sunday morning from 10:00 to 11:00. Everyone is welcome, all ages, experienced or not. This is a great way to start a relaxed day, good for the body and soul.
Make a quilt square this year, and you will be eligible to win it back sewn into next year’s quilt! For many years now, Two Day Towners have used their artistic skills to make quilt squares. Over the winter months a group of dedicated volunteers turn these squares into a beautiful heirloom quilt that is raffled off to a lucky square-maker at the next Two Day Town. You can only win if you make a square, so find our square table and give it a go.
Sign up for a treat of a free massage in Massage Town. Visit Massage Town and sign up for a free massage session. Massage Town is run by Kinney Tennis, CMT, and his services are in great demand. Massages are given during the day on Saturday and Sunday, and there is a sign up sheet for the available time slots. Massage Town is located near the big fire pit next to the RV parking area. You can contact Kinney by email to arrange his services outside of Two Day Town.
Take off on a Mountain Bike Tour with Bob Knight. Bring your mountain bike and join Bob Knight for a ride along the trails around Del Valle. Difficulty varies from mild to wild, so check with Bob to see what he might have in mind. Gather at the entrance to the RV parking area Saturday afternoon at 2:00. Bob rides about 10,000,000 miles a year and knows the area well, so if you want to take off on your own he can offer suggestions for great rides.
Relax & enjoy Nap Time, or wander up to the amphitheater for more music. One of the favorite things to do during nap time is, well, nothing much. Take advantage of this break in the Main Stage music and relax, go for a walk, lounge on the beach, have a bite to eat, roll around in the grass with your kids, or even take a nap (hint, hint). Nap Time runs from about 3:00 to 6:00 Saturday afternoon, gives the stage & sound crews a break, and gives everyone an opportunity to do something else for awhile. Or if you can’t get enough music, head up to the park campground amphitheater for three hours of unplugged performances at Naptime At The Amphitheater.
Don’t miss the Fireside free-for-all music jams (No drumming after 10pm). When the scheduled music ends, the campfire music begins. Two Day Town volunteers will build and maintain fires in the park fire pits and everyone is welcome to come and play music, sing along, or just listen. You can also find jam sessoins scattered all over Two Day Town where folks congregate to play music, chat, and tell stories. Wander around, find a spot, join in, and let the music play. Park rules require that drumming stops at 10:00 PM to respect the park campground quiet time policy, and everyone is expected to follow the policy of having no glass containers.
Join the Sunday morning gospel music session. Join in with Kenny Williams, Reverend Terry Burley, and David Lehrer, as they lead a Sunday morning gospel music sing-and-play-along at the School House Flats picnic area. Start time is around 9:00, so brew up your coffee, warm up your finest singing voice, grab an instrument if you have one and wander over to the picnic area.
Unplanned Activities
Bring your paddle powered watercraft and tour the lake. Bring your muscle powered watercraft and explore Lake Del Valle. The lake is five miles long so there is more than enough to keep even the most active paddler busy. The fishing is good, too. The lake is usually calm in the mornings, but can get very choppy in the afternoon if the wind kicks up. Always be prepared to get off the lake if conditions change rapidly. There is no access on the Two Day Town side of the lake for motorized craft.
Go for a swim or sunbathe on the Beach (weather allowing). Relaxing on the beach is a good way to spend Nap Time while the kids splash around. The roped off swimming area, the pebble beach, and the adjacent grass area are always open for Two Day Town guests, and lifeguards are present Saturday and Sunday daytime. The water feels great on a sunny day, and a few bold souls have been seen swimming in the rain. Eagles and other birds have been spotted diving for fish near by. Park rules do not allow any alcohol at the beach area, even at tent camps.
Go for a walk in the rain (if the weather cooperates). Two Day Town goes on Rain and Shine. Rain at the end of April is never a surprise, so come prepared. Nature looks different when wet, and a walk in the rain can be an awakening. The air smells different, plant colors are enhanced, and extraneous noises are muted. After several years of fabulous sunny weather rain is over due, so odds are you will have a chance to jump in a puddle.
Have a great bite to eat at the Two Day Town Camp Cafe.(Click for the MENU) The 2014 Two Day Town Camp Cafe will be Lesley’s Lakeside Café, operated by Lesley Stiles. The menu (subject to change, of course) can be viewed by clicking the link in the list to the left. Some guests take most of their meals at the Camp Cafe, others get no more than morning coffee, and most are somewhere in between. Lesley uses all fresh ingredients, organic and locally grown whenever feasible.
Read a good book away from your telephone. (There is virtually no cellular reception at the park. A pay phone is available if needed. It doesn’t always work.) At Two Day Town you have time to indulge yourself with a good book. A simple pleasure that is too easy to put aside, now is your opportunity to take a few hours all to yourself and bury your nose in an adventure, romance, mystery, or fantasy. Forget about the hustle of the default world for a while and open that book you always wanted to read.
Visit the Camp Music Store operated by Two Day Town Mayor Michael Ferrucci. Michael no longer has Fine Fretted Friends music store in Livermore, but he says there will still be some sort of Two Day Town music store, or something. Wait and see.
Hike or bike the trails around the park. There are many trails in and around Del Valle, ranging from easy walking to strenuous. There is something here to match every ability, and you can sometimes hike for quite a while without seeing anyone else. Not all trails are open to bicycles, and some are open to horses. If you decide to hike or bike be sure to tell someone where you are going and when you expect to return, and by all means watch out for Poison Oak.
Play music with a new friend. This is what Two Day Town is all about. One of the easiest things to do is to wander around with your instrument and find someone to have an impromptu jam session with. We have very talented performers, but quite a few of the non-performers are expert with their instruments also. If you are in the beginning stages of learning, you will almost certainly be able to find someone willing to help you along the way.
Play in the grass, fly a kite, throw a frisbee, roll down the hill… Take time this weekend to play. Been a while since you threw a frisbee, flew a kite, or blew some bubbles? What are you waiting for? Be a kid again while you have an opportunity! Bring some toys or do something silly and see how many others you can get to join in. Let your kids decide what you do with your afternoon and you might be surprised at how much fun they can make you have.
Organize an impromptu pot-luck with your camp neighbors. We all gotta eat! The young lady in this picture was making new friends right and left with these sumptuous smelling ribs, and she even let her husband pretend he was the master of the barbeque. Good eating is a very popular thing to do, and it is so much better when shared with others. Invite someone you just met to join you for a meal and you may end up with a new lifelong friend. Please – no charcoal and lighter fluid.
…or just plop down and do nothing for a few days. If it so suits you, feel free to do nothing at all this weekend. Let the music occupy your time and just sit back and listen. No obligations, no timetable to follow unless you want to, sleep as late as you want, and make every effort to just kick back. Take good advantage of this too-rare opportunity.